What I Use

Last updated January 26, 2016


I use a Dell Latitude 7440 Ultrabook running Windows 10. Battery life lasts me a full day of full usage at full power.

Apple iPad mini with 64 Gig RAM.

Cell Phone
Apple iPhone 6. Have developed a few apps for the Android platform and am looking to try my hand at developing ios apps.

Smart Watch

Moto 360 running Android Wear. Able to get all Outlook emails and calendar alerts using Outlook ios app, Twitter updates, Weather updates as well as Gmail. Am impressed by features and types of alerts the watch is able to display. Highly recommend the device.

USB Memory Device
To ensure that my portable data is encrypted I use Apricorn SecureKeys as well as their Secure Drive.

Web Hosting and Cloud Computing Services
Have been using many different web hosting services but am now NameCheap.com, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Computing , Digital Ocean and Frantech’s BuyVM services (A++)

Have a few ROKU 3 media players that are connected to a PLEX server which is used as a media server.

Apple IIe (vintage in excellent working condition)
I have a fully functional and mint condition Apple IIe computer along with dual disk drives, Apple mono monitor (green) along with a complete version of AppleWorks software, box and manuals. I used to service these systems (at the chip level) many years ago. The cover to this computer has been autographed/signed by Steve Wozniak and says “Apple IIe Forever…” with his signature “Woz

Data General One (vintage in excellent working condition)
Was fortunate to acquire a Data General One laptop with power supply and carrying case. Surprising the battery still functions. More to come on this vintage unit.