May 5, 2022

Starlink Links and Tips

Below are a few links to information related to Starlink

I have been a Starlink user since January 2021 and have been happy with its speed and performance overall. There are the odd network drops from time to time but as more satellites are added, the drops are less and less.

Starlink Dishie

Live Starlink Satellite Map
This site shows the real time location of each SpaceX Starlink satellite and Ground Station used for High Speed Internet.
Satellite Map

Starlink Availability Map
Interested in getting Starlink? Use the Availability Map to see if your area has availability or if you will be places on their Waiting List for services.
Starlink Availability Map

View Cell Coverage
Click on a cell to see how many minutes in a day a cell is covered by at least one Starlink satellite.
View Cell Coverage

Starlink Versions
This site collects information on versions of Starlink firmware, software, and hardware revisions. The information is crowdsourced.
Check the latest firmware versions available

View Satellites in the Sky
Starlink can be hard to spot. The satellites may only be visible for a short part of their path across the sky.
Spot Satellites

Starlink on Reddit
You can find many questions and answers on Reddit related to Starlink as well as conversations on how to mount, finetune, troubleshoot as well as modify installations..

SpaceX and Starlink Launches
A regularly updated listing of planned orbital missions from spaceports around the globe. Dates and times are given in Greenwich Mean Time. “NET” stands for no earlier than. “TBD” means to be determined. Recent updates appear in red type. 
Launch Schedule