Log Entry : Starlink date – February 9, 2021

Received an invitation from Starlink as a beta user and happily handed over my money for the initial hardware.

The Starlink hardware was delivered on February 9, 2021 late in the day and of course I proceeded to set it up to test at dusk in the snow in my backyard. Mission accomplished!

Initial testing produced speeeds of anywhere from 80-170 Meg download to 15-30 Meg upload. Much better than my current wireless to the home speeds of 25 download and 1 Meg upload.

When you compare pricing, due to the data caps and overages with my current wireless to the home Internet, I pay $179 a month plus taxes. With Starlink the monthly cost is $129 plus taxes for unlimited. Will be saving $57 a month and will get faster upload and download speeds. Moving to Starlink I can cover the initial hardware costs ($695) over the next 12-13 months.

I have only had one Microsoft Teams meeting where I was disconnected for 5 seconds or so then automatically reconnected. As SpaceX puts up more satellites this will get much better; Starlink is still in beta.

Stay tuned for regular updates on how the service works.

Latest Speed Test with Starlink after initial setup.
Note the Ping time as well of 16 ms.

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