Starlink update – two weeks later

I have had Starlink now for two weeks and had tested initially with just my iPhone and work laptop initially. Since I use Microsoft Teams several hours a day, that was where my initial concern was….. how often would I lose my connection and get disconnected from the Teams meetings.

After my initial real world work from home testing, I had lost my connection in Teams 7 times total over the course of the 10 days of usage. On the positive side, I would reconnect withing 4 seconds into the same meeting without having to reconnect myself manually; it was automatic.

I have changed my entire house over to the Starlink connection a few days ago and to be honest the cutover has gone well. As you can imagine I have several Internet devices like cameras, sensors, streaming devices, etc. and they all appear to operating as normal. In fact, when I connect to my cameras internally or externally, the video comes up quickly and is in high quality.

Am located in Canada and usually have snow at least 4 months a year so this was another concern I had; how will Starlilnk perform during snow storms as well as ice buildups? I was still getting over 50 Meg download with the snow and ice you see in the image below.

Approximately two feet of icicles and snow built up on “Dishy”
– Was still getting over 50 Meg download!

So I am currently paying $189 a month plus tax for 25M/1M. Starlink is $129 a month for up to 150M/50M. Since the last two weeks have been stable and I have noticed a performance increase, I will cancel my former Internet provider’s service next week.

Overall, you can see below that speeds are not consistant with the 150M/50M however they are much better than the fastest speed I was getting with my former provider. Upload speed also has increased dramatically!

Will post again in near future on experiences with the full cutover.

Real speed test results
Sunny day with icicles just forming.

Rural Internet in a Box

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