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Digital Health

Digital health is transforming the way we get care.

Introduction The digital health revolution is happening, and it’s changing the way we get care. It’s improving patient outcomes, doctor care and communication between patients and their medical providers. Digital health, which encompasses a wide range of technologies that enable patients to connect with their doctors and other providers remotely, has become a major trend Read more about Digital health is transforming the way we get care.[…]

Working from Home

Tips to Boost Your Productivity while working from home

Working from home for an employer can offer benefits for both you and the company you work for. By working from home, you may be able to cut down on commuting time and distractions and get more accomplished in the comfort of your own home. Some tips for the getting the most out of your Read more about Tips to Boost Your Productivity while working from home[…]


Plan ahead for Power Outages

Having encountered many power outages, I have created a suggested Emergency Kit checklist that should help you “weather the storm.” Emergency Kit Checklist Note that in a longer outage, you may need to get by without lights, hot water, ability to cook food and even running water. Recommend that you stock up on enough supplies Read more about Plan ahead for Power Outages[…]

Web Design

What You Need to Know to Setup Your Small Business Website

While you may want to hire a website designer or developer down the road, it can be an expensive investment. Whether you are just starting your business, or on a tight budget, DIYing your website is a great solution. Follow this process to create your small business website. To Start, Choose Your Website Platform There Read more about What You Need to Know to Setup Your Small Business Website[…]


Article I wrote on the Internet in 1995

Below is the text from an article I wrote in 1995 explaining the Internet. At the time I was employed at MicroAge as a Network Engineer. Join 20 Million InterNet Users With 10,000 networks, 2.1 million files and 20 million users on-line every day, INTERNET is a hot new topic The Internet is an interlinking Read more about Article I wrote on the Internet in 1995[…]

Starlink update – two weeks later

I have had Starlink now for two weeks and had tested initially with just my iPhone and work laptop initially. Since I use Microsoft Teams several hours a day, that was where my initial concern was….. how often would I lose my connection and get disconnected from the Teams meetings. After my initial real world Read more about Starlink update – two weeks later[…]

PET Computer

Vintage Computing and the Nostalgia Itch

I have discovered that the older I become the more I seek out reminders of highlights of my past. In the late 1980’s I was an Apple Technical Specialist and was involved with servicing Apple computers for the school boards as well as several clients of my employer. Computers included Apple II/IIe/IIc/IIg systems then progressed Read more about Vintage Computing and the Nostalgia Itch[…]