What I Use

Here is what I use on a day to day basis (updated : February 18, 2015):

I use a Dell Latitude 7440 Ultrabook running Windows 8.1 and this lightweight has enough battery life to last me a full day.

Dell All In One (AIO) running Windows 8.1 as my main system. Also use several Western Digital “MyBook” type network drives to backup my data as well as use DropBox to backup non-confidential data to the cloud.

My main tablet is an Apple iPad mini with 16 Gig RAM. My secondary tablet is a Google Nexus 7 (16 GB)  tablet (wifi only)

Cell Phone
Apple iPhone 6. Have developed a few apps for the Android platform and am looking to try my hand at developing iApps.

VoIP home phone service
Converted my landline home phone service over to Voice Over IP using a Linksys PAP2T phone adapter and www.VOIP.MS voip services. I pay $6.00 per month which includes all of the same services I used to get with my landline and more (such as voice mail, voice mail to email, call forwarding, and call waiting). Big savings and quality is great!

USB Memory Device
To ensure that my portable data is encrypted I use an Apricorn SecureKey as well as an Apricorn Secure Drive..

Internet Web Hosting Services
I use the web hosting services of WordPress.com, BuyVM.net, TurnkeyInternet.com, NameCheap.com and Weebly for all of my sites as well as the ones I donate for a few non-profit organizations.

Internet Domain Name Services
NAME.com is a really easy to user service for domain names. I use it for all of my domain names (.com and .ca) as well as the ones I have donated to non-profit organizations (.com and .ca)

Microsoft XBOX ONE
I was fortunate enough to win an Xbox One from a contest that PepsiCo ran with their Mountain Dew, Doritos and Pepsi brands. The unit arrived late December 2013. Thank you to Doritos Sweet Chili Heat chips!

Sony PS3
Used for playing games (mostly the Call of Duty series).

Roku 3
With a PLEX server in my house and all of my movies now converted to digital format from original DVD and Blu-Rays, the Roku player is the main device we use to view our multimedia files (via PLEX)

Bell ExpressVu 9242 HD PVRs (x two)
Been using Bell ExpressVu for 17 years now and their High Definition (HD) services for over 5 years. The PVRs allow me to record anything I want to at any time for later viewing and Bell provides me with an iPhone or Android app that allows me to control them remotely from the Internet.

8 Channel Video Surveillance DVR for Home Security
I have a security system as well as a LIVE video security system so that I can monitor the inside and outside of my location from any computer or iPhone. Both systems send email alerts and will even call my cell phone if/when required. The video surveillance system is an 8 channel but I only have 6 cameras at present (2 additional ones are on my wish list).

Apple IIe (vintage in excellent working condition)
I have a fully functional and mint condition Apple IIe computer along with dual disk drives, Apple mono monitor (green), and also have the full AppleWorks software, box and manuals. I used to service these systems (yes, at the chip level) years ago.

Data General One (vintage in excellent working condition)
Was fortunate to acquire a Data General One laptop with power supply and carrying case. Surprising the battery still functions. More to come on this vintage unit.